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What is the Boiling Point of Bromine?

Potassium bromide is one of the alkali metal bromides, which belong to the group of inorganic compounds. They have a heavy atom (bromine) and the heaviest atom is the alkali metal (K). These compounds have a wide spectral range into the infrared. It is used in the manufacture of optical windows, infrared beamsplitters, and as a prism material for infrared spectroscopy.

KBr solutions are used as crystal-habit modifiers in the formation of metal nanocrystals. They also have applications in shape control. In this regard, they have been used as substrates for interferometers. Besides these applications, they are used as sedatives and anticonvulsants.

Potassium bromide is highly soluble in water. However, it is incompatible with acetone and ether. Therefore, it must be stored in a dry environment. It is also hygroscopic, and is slightly soluble in ethanol.

Potassium bromide is a weak reducing agent. This means that it does not react with strong acids, such as nitric acid. Nevertheless, it is incompatible with the salts of mercury and silver. The bromine ions produced from the solution are usually used in organic chemistry as nucleophiles. Similarly, they are widely used in the synthesis of various materials. KBr is also used as a heat stabilizer in nylon.

Because of its hygroscopic properties, potassium bromide has been considered a hazard to health. Some symptoms of overexposure include rhinitis, constipation, and aphthous stomatitis. Other side effects include mucous hypersecretion in the lungs and tongue disorders.

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