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High-end Custom Door And Window Brand VIA Doors And Windows Teaches You How To Use Styrofoam

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Cement caulking is a more traditional method that is cheap but really strong and durable. So why do windows crack? Since the metal and cement materials of door and window frames are different, long-term contact between the two will cause expansion joints due to thermal expansion and contraction.

Therefore, it is impossible to fill the gap with cement alone. Even if you try to repair it with sealant afterwards, it won't help. On rainy days, the gaps will absorb water, causing the interior walls to be damp. Also note that if your home has aluminum window frames, you should use caution. Since cement has a certain corrosive effect on aluminum products, when a chemical reaction occurs between the two, some "pits" will appear on the window frame. Therefore, you can use polyurethane foam as a primer before filling the joints with cement.

Compared with the foam glue technology currently used, many people feel that cement caulking should have been eliminated long ago! Is this really true? Then look down.

The texture of foam is completely different from cement. Because it is a colloidal material, it is very soft and elastic and can fill gaps in window frames better than cement. Secondly, its thermal insulation effect is also very good. Although it is more expensive than cement, you don’t have to worry about cracking! Foam glue can be tightly bonded to the gaps in the window frame, so there is no need to worry about water seeping in from the gaps like cement. Moreover, foam plastic is also very convenient to use, saving time and effort than cement. Styrofoam doesn't fill all the gaps, however. Whether Styrofoam can be used in door and window gaps depends on the size of the gap.

Details are as follows:

1. When the gap is less than 5 cm, you can fill it with foam glue first (it is recommended that the outermost layer of the outdoor window be waterproof to prevent the foam glue from soaking in rainy days)

2. When the gap is larger than 5 cm, it needs to be filled with bricks or cement.