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Prospect Analysis: Prospects Of Foaming Agent Manufacturing Enterprises For Foamed Cement Boards

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Foamed cement board is a new type of fireproof, thermal insulation and energy-saving material. It mainly uses special cement and fly ash as the main raw materials, adds foaming agent, special fiber and other materials, and is compounded, stirred and foamed. Foamed cement board has good thermal insulation properties. It is a grade 1 non-combustible thermal insulation material. It is light and earthquake-resistant, reduces foundation load-bearing, has strong compressive strength and bonding force, is non-toxic and harmless, and is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Fully compliant with the "Interim Provisions on Fire Protection for Exterior Insulation Systems and Exterior Wall Decoration of Civil Buildings", small cement foaming machines and exterior insulation materials for civil buildings use materials with first-class combustion performance.

Preparation of foaming liquid

The foaming agent generally has a high concentration and cannot be directly added to the foaming machine for use. First of all, it's such a waste. Secondly, the concentration is too high to produce high-quality foam. Therefore, the foaming agent should be formulated as a diluent before use.

The concentration of foaming liquid has a great relationship with the foaming effect. The concentration should be neither too high nor too low. When the concentration is too high, the foaming ratio of the foaming liquid decreases. In the fully automatic cement foaming machine, it is not that the greater the concentration, the more foam, but the greater the concentration, the less foam. But the concentration of the foaming liquid cannot be too low. If it is too low, it will also affect the foaming ratio and reduce foam generation, resulting in more liquid and less foam. Only with appropriate concentration can high foaming ratio and high-quality foam be obtained. The appropriate concentration is related to the type of foaming agent, and different types have different appropriate concentrations. This can be determined based on the concentration recommended by the foaming agent manufacturer and combined with your own experiments.

1. After the cement foaming machine arrives at the site, operate the guide wheel to lower the legs as required. ?

2. Note that the working site should be flat and solid. If the ground is not strong enough, place wooden pads under your legs. ?

3. Material transportation and feeding to the pump should be convenient. ?

4. Have convenient, safe and reliable power, water and compressed air sources, and drainage must be convenient. ?5. Environmental safety. ?

6. Facilitate the maintenance of the mud-free foaming machine and transportation pipelines.

7. Less affected by climate.

8. Little interference with other construction operations.

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