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What Are The Factors That Influence The Dilution Effect Of Cement Foaming Agent?

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Introduction to cement foaming agent

Cement foaming agent and foam concrete foaming agent are other names. Cement foaming agent can reduce the surface tension of the liquid, produce a large amount of uniform and stable foam, and produce admixture foam concrete. Foaming agents are substances that can produce large amounts of foam in aqueous solutions when mechanical force is introduced into the air. Such substances are surfactants or surface-active substances. The essence of foaming agent is its surface active effect. Without surface activity, foaming cannot occur and it cannot become a foaming agent. Surface activity is the core of foaming.

Application scope of cement foaming agent

1. Insulation layer for ground radiant heating and roof insulation;

2. Insulation, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion of municipal pipelines such as water supply, heating, and oil pipelines;

3. Construction of plant cultivation greenhouses and cold storage warehouses;

4. Fill internal gaps in tunnels and gaps in buildings;

5. Paving the base of sidewalks, sports fields, and courts;

6. Filling wall blocks and sound insulation walls inside and outside the building;

Cement foaming agent method

Cement foaming agents generally have a high concentration, and when used, they need to be diluted with a certain proportion of water into a foaming liquid, and then the foaming liquid is foamed. Pour water and foaming agent into the water tank first and let them fully dissolve. After observing whether there are bubbles, pour the prepared cement into the tank, stir it thoroughly with a mixing tool, and then transport it through a high-pressure conveying pipe or manually. Put in the wall panels and machine them into finished products. Mainly used for the production of lightweight partition boards, thermal insulation, sound insulation materials, foamed cement bricks, etc.

Precautions when diluting cement foaming agent

1. Cement foaming agents generally have a large concentration and are added directly to the foaming machine. The foam yield is low and foaming agent is wasted.

2. When added directly to the foaming machine, the concentration will generally be too high and no foam will be produced.

3. The liquid inlet pump of the cement foaming machine is easily blocked. In the past, Korean cement foaming machines directly sucked in the raw liquid. This approach is more suitable for South Korea, which has only one blowing agent manufacturer and one product category. However, in my country, there are many cement foaming agent manufacturers and categories. Different types of foaming agent solutions produced by the same manufacturer also have different concentrations. Therefore, pre-dilution must be carried out according to a reasonable dilution ratio.

What factors affect the reasonable dilution ratio of cement foaming agent?

1. The same type of cement foaming agent has different concentrations from different manufacturers. Especially now, there is no unified quality execution standard in the domestic foaming agent industry, let alone third-party enforced standards. Therefore, in order to increase prices, some manufacturers arbitrarily reduce the concentration of foaming agent solution to reduce costs. In this way, the original dilution factor must be reduced to achieve a reasonable dilution factor.

2. There are many types of cement foaming agents on the market now, mainly including synthetic type, rosin type, animal and plant protein type, composite type, resin type, etc. There are also many types of composite cement foaming agents, and each manufacturer has its own type. The main ingredients are different. The dilution ratios of different types of foaming agents are different. Generally speaking, synthetic blowing agents must have a high dilution ratio to produce foam. Compared with rosin and animal protein foaming, the dilution factor is lower, so we also remind everyone that when purchasing and using foaming agents, it does not mean that the dilution factor is high, so the dosage is small. What type of foaming agent do you need to distinguish. Taking synthetic foaming agents as an example, they generally need to be diluted hundreds of times, but compared with animals, they will not be diluted 40 times. The amount of foaming agent is small.

3. Foaming equipment of the same model will affect the reasonable dilution ratio. Taking Beijing Zhongke Zhucheng ZK-FP-30 as an example, ZC-12 cement foaming agent is used, and ZK-FP-50 is diluted 50 times. The effect is good, but ZK-FP-30 type can only be diluted 30 times to achieve the same effect as ZK-FP-50. Therefore, when determining the reasonable dilution ratio of cement foaming agent, on the one hand, you must refer to the dilution ratio recommended by the manufacturer, and on the other hand, you need to directly test on your own foaming machine to determine the optimal dilution ratio.

The dilution of cement foaming agent is crucial. After all, the cement foaming agents on the market are all synthetic, so the key factor of dilution is discussed above. You can consider the above when using it. Hopefully the above content will help you find answers to your various questions.